A break from big-bet-only games came by way of PACOOP-19: $200 8-Game, $15K GTD on Friday night, and it proved to be a hit. The eight-game mixed event drew 93 entries (70 entrants and 23 re-entries), generating an overall prize pool of $17,298 that was paid out to the top 11 players.

When the dust settled, “orionguide108” was the last one standing, coming out on top after a nearly two-hour-long final table they entered as one of the two chip leaders. One by one, players fell until three remained, and 40 minutes then went by as “orionguide108” pulled away from the pack before knocking out the last two players in quick succession to take down the top prize of $4,219.PACOOP-06 Final Table Results Place Player Prize 1 orionguide108 $4,219.00 2 123456ers $3,214.00 3 hunterm708 $2,449.00 4 whoopsboom $1,866.00 5 UREMPTYSEAT $1,422.00 6 pariszoo11 $1,083.00 7 king12929 $825.00

Players were forced to remain on their toes all tournament long as the eight-game rotation cycled through a different format of poker every six minutes. Twenty-six players registered from the start, though that number was into the 60s halfway through the three-hour-and-five-minute late registration period, and it continued to climb steadily until its final resting point at 93.

When registration closed, 41 players remained and it took just over 90 minutes for the bubble to burst with the final 11 set to be paid. Just moments later, hand-for-hand was once again enacted as just eight remained, though some 20 minutes passed before “pa55555” was eliminated in eighth place by “king12929” to reach the final table of seven.

Despite bursting the final table bubble, “king12929” was also the first to bust on the final table. They did so during 2-7 Triple Draw, with “pariszoo11” bowing out in sixth shortly thereafter during the same game. By the time 2-7 Triple Draw was reached again, action was three handed and “orionguide108” eliminated “hunterm708” from the tournament in third, taking a lead into the heads-up match that they would never relinquish.Dowloand PokerStars PA Today!

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